NSB 60 Camp Report Day 3

May 29, 2018 -

Reports from the third day of camp.

South Team:

Day 3!

Hey again, its Bryce Stai back at it again with the daily update. Today was big for the South team as we had a fully padded scrimmage! Being able to   see what all of us have learned and put it to the field is really an exciting sight.And of course it made it better that the heat was not as extreme. But what we all looked forward to wasn’t the scrimmage. No, we looked forward to the meal ahead of us to end the evening. RIBS! And not just your normal half rack of ribs from Texas Roadhouse. These bad boys could feed a family of 5. So of course, what does the South team do? We eat it all, well, most of us. After the ribs, you throw in 3 hours of ghost stories, conspiracy theories, and some awful smelling burps, you make for an awesome day 3 here with the South Team. Check in tomorrow for some more fun and craziness from Jackson!

Signing off,

Bryce Stai #85

North Team:

No report…