NSB 60 Camp Report Day 2

May 28, 2018 -

Reports from the second day of camp.

South Team:

Hello Shrine Bowl followers, Jackson from the South Team here. Day 2 was a long, hot day full of hard work and some fun competition. It started with breakfast at 7am, followed by practice at 9am. After practice, we came back and had some Runza for lunch, and then it was time for practice number 2 at 1:45. After practice #2, we went to a very authentic Mexican restaurant here in Crete for some delicious enchiladas and burritos. We finished up the day with practice #3 and then some fun 7 on 7 (linemen included). Big dawg Hunter Hayes, from McCook, had a touchdown catch and a pick six. We ended the day by watching the thrilling ending of the Cavs vs Celtics game. As the days go on we all get to know each other even better. Maybe too much. I learned today that Bryce Stai has an amazing gift of burping. In think I heard him burp at least 17 times today. And Isaiah Stalbird, from Kearney, can fart whenever he wants. If you can’t already tell, day 2 was definitely a success. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us the rest of this week. Check back in tomorrow to see what Bryce Stai has to say about day 3!

Signing off,

Jackson Gordon #19

North Team:

Coming into the first Shrine Bowl practice, I knew that I had an advantage in terms of understanding the offense. I knew that I was going to have to help the rest of the offensive linemen on the North Team understand the scheme upfront—and I was perfectly okay with that. Our QB, Joe Dolincheck, has the same responsibility as I do while he works with the backs and the receivers. Having two guys that understand the offense has helped advance the progress we have been making as a unit in the short amount of time we’ve had together. 

Installing the offense on the first day was much easier than initially expected. The hardest part was the rest of the team learning the terminology; otherwise, everything has ran relatively smoothly. The defensive side of the ball has been flying around and making plays the past couple days. They have given our QBs and WRs a real good look the past two practices. I am very confident in how our defense is going to hold up against the South. 

What has really surprised me is how well all of us have gelled together as a team. We all hang out together in the basement of the fraternity house telling jokes, watching shows, and eating everything in the kitchen. We’ve really grown together as a team and I’m looking forward to see what we’re all like by the end of the week. 

After all, the team that plays together usually wins the game…

AJ Forbes