The New NSB

Aug 23, 2017 -

The Nebraska Shrine Bowl (NSB), Nebraska’s premier high school athletic event, today unveiled the evolution of its brand identity, including a modernized update designed to enhance the 60-year old tradition and support of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The ability to thrive in a digital age, as well as position NSB as a forward-thinking, philanthropic centered organization, is fundamental to this change.

“After sixty years NSB has made the commitment to renew itself to the future. By building the future while honoring its storied past NSB has captured the spirit of the Shrine’s mission,” said Elliott Bottorf, board member.  “We’re on a tremendous trajectory with digital technology being an increasingly important part of the Shrine Bowl experience.  Now it’s time for our brand to embody the next level of philanthropic pursuits we aim to achieve.”

The branding initiative includes a new logo, creative look, and redesigned website.  Featuring updated technology, responsive web design, and revamped navigation, the new website will provide a much-improved user experience and serve as the bowl game’s hub for gameday information, ticket sales, and online giving.

The new logo embodies the principles of Freemasonry while serving proof of the values preserved to present day.  Three points of the star exemplify the spirit, mission, and commitment of the Shriners.  In addition, the star represents the three Shrine Temples in Nebraska symbolic of three becoming one for thousands. Inspired by geometry, the identity pays tribute to Freemasonry’s time-honored past while building the future.

“Our goal was to modernize and elevate the brand by redesigning it in a simple, elegant way,” said Nathan Dawdy, Creative Director of the project. “Ion Design Co. worked purposefully to create something worthy of the Shrine Bowl’s history that goes beyond the field.”

Designing a brand mark to work seamlessly across all digital platforms, communications channels and connected-devices, while preserving its heritage was key to the overall effort.

“This important shift in NSB’s strategic initiative comes in response to a need to attract an emerging generation of philanthropy-focused individuals to sustain and continue to grow our mission,” said Executive Director Dave MacDonald.  “This new branding campaign is an essential component of those efforts, and we look forward to its launch.”

For more information, including graphics, please visit our digital press kit.