NSB 60 Camp Report Day 5

May 31, 2018 -

Reports from the fifth day of camp.

South Team:

Day 5!

Hello people of the shrine community, Bryce here with some more action from the South Squad. Man oh man are the days flying by. Its easy for them to when you have a group of people like the south team has. Today was a beautiful day to play some football with the sun shining, temps at 78 and a slight northwest wind. Getting to hit fully padded really makes all the guys realize how longs its been since we have, and it is fun. Especially when we watch all 7 lineman get on kickoff and run down the field. Trust me, there is nothing scarier than seven 300 pound lineman barreling down the field. But the practices today were just part of this awesome day five. The entire team loaded up and headed into Crete for a good, family friendly superhero movie……DEADPOOL. Trust me when I say the boys had a very good time. Finish the night off with some extreme Fortnite playing (If you don’t know what Fortnite is, contact Coach Manstedt), and some good times with the boys, and you make for an excellent day to add to the shrine week here in Crete. Come back tomorrow for some more one on one time with my main man Jackson, for tomorrow is the pool day:).

Signing off,

Bryce Stai #85

North Team:

The competitive spirit on the offensive and defensive units came into full effect on Day 5 of Shrine Bowl camp. In the morning, the offense got off to a slow start and the defense ended up setting the tone for the rest of the practice. A few hours later, the offense came out ready to ball. I’d like to think that the offense won that practice. 

I’m confident in saying that each side of the ball is going to show out on Saturday. 

The best part of the day was getting together and watching a movie with the team. It didn’t really matter what movie we were watching; it was just that we all got to enjoy something as a team. I said it in the first report, but the North Squad has really been able to grow into something like a group of brothers. It’s only been a few days but I don’t think any of us on the team are going to forget each other. 

What can I say, there’s something about football that brings people together.